The Misbourne Partnership

Behaviour for Learning

Impeccable behaviour is fundamental to success in the classroom and the school.

Behaviour for Learning is behaviour that allows for and encourages learning to take place. High standards of behaviour need to be taught, modelled and rewarded.  All members of the school community should be Ready, Respectful and Responsible; we emphasise the importance of clear and consistent classroom routines which are always adhered to, alongside a culture of rewards for success.

The self-esteem of all members of our learning community is enhanced by praise, reward and celebration and this is a priority for the school.  Young people thrive when they are recognised for trying their hardest, and we firmly believe in ‘catching students doing things right.’ Our rewards system recognises effort, attainment, our core community values and following The Misbourne Way.  Achievement points are celebrated through our regular assemblies, communication with families and our termly rewards events

Students learn best in an ordered environment, which is also essential for students’ mental wellbeing.  Our expectations of learning and behaviour are high and made very clear, so that Misbourne students understand the prosocial behaviours that are expected of them, to allow all students to feel happy, be safe and able to learn.  Equally, the consequences of not following The Misbourne Way are made explicit and applied consistently.

Poor or unacceptable behaviour will carry a consequence (behaviour points). Behaviour for Learning is reinforced, reviewed and supported by timely and regular communication with families.

Our Values 

Ambition and Pride 

Kindness and Respect 

Equality and Moral Purpose 

Teamwork and Resilience 


Stakeholder Commitment 

In order to continue to grow and develop as an Academy and to provide the best quality education for every young person, we work closely with our key stakeholders and ask that they make the following commitments:

Staff and Trustees will: 

  • Be reflective, honest practitioners who strive for the best possible outcomes for all students 
  • Believe in the core vision and values and what we are trying to achieve 
  • Challenge and support colleagues to uphold professional standards in our quest to achieve our school improvement priorities 
  • Work as a team to consistently promote and uphold The Misbourne Way expectations of ‘Ready, Respectful and Responsible’ and the Academy’s vision and values so that all can flourish and succeed. 
  • Implement The Misbourne’s vision and values 
  • Follow up every time, retain ownership and engage in reflective dialogue with students 
  • Recognise positive behaviour by awarding Achievement Points.  Individual Achievement Points can be given by any member of staff to any student for the following (not an exhaustive list – please see the Behaviour for Learning Policy):  
  • Demonstrating The Misbourne Way (Ready, Respectful, Responsible) 
  • Academic excellence  
  • Excellent and sustained effort  
  • Excellent homework  
  • Being respectful
  • Being responsible  
  • Being ready to learn 
  • Community Work 
  • Attendance 
  • Student leadership 

Families will: 

  • Send your child to school every day, on time, well prepared for work 
  • Support your child in coming to school every day and being punctual 
  • Support your child at home with reading and homework 
  • Communicate effectively with staff, in accordance with the Academy’s communications policy, to jointly resolve concerns 
  • Support the Academy's vision and values 
  • Support the Behaviour for Learning Policy and statement of behaviour principles 
  • Support the Academy's rewards and consequences system, including the use of after school detentions and other sanctions where necessary. 
  • Share concerns about your child’s education, welfare and behaviour with the Academy directly to enable a positive and constructive resolution (and not via social media platforms) 
  • Take an interest in your child’s work and achievements  
  • Support your child with their school work. 
  • Ensure your child completes all homework to the best of their ability  
  • Attend family consultation and information evenings and support Academy functions  
  • Ensure your child has good attendance (a minimum of 96-100%) throughout the academic year 
  • Inform The Misbourne of any absence in accordance with the procedures given by the Academy 
  • Ensure your child is in full school uniform and wears their uniform correctly (in line with our uniform policy), including on the way to and from school, and replace uniform items promptly when they are outgrown/worn out. 
  • Support The Misbourne's approach to online safety and not upload or add any text, image, sound or videos that could upset or offend any member of the school community or bring the school name into disrepute
  • Ensure that my/our online activity would not cause the Academy, staff, students or others distress or bring The Misbourne community into disrepute
  • Support the Academy's policy and help prevent your child/ren from signing up to online services such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and TikTok whilst they are underage. 
  • Read and respond to all communications sent out from the Academy, including the weekly Families' Bulletin. 
  • Download the SIMS Parent App and use this to monitor your child's attendance, behaviour and other data. 
  • Update The Misbourne promptly with any changes to contact details for any parent/carer and/or any changes which may affect your child, eg family/home circumstances. 

Students will: 

  • Come to school on time every day and with a positive attitude to learning 
  • Always strive to do their best, follow The Misbourne Way (below) and learn from any mistakes or setbacks 
  • Take pride in all that we do as an individual and as a school community, upholding the Academy’s vision and values. 
  • Adhere to the Academy's uniform policy and be tidy in appearance.
  • Be fully committed to school life and participate in its activities inside and outside the classroom.
  • Inform an appropriate member of staff about any concerns or worries they may have.
  • Support The Misbourne's approach to online safety and not deliberately upload or add any images, sounds or text which could upset or offend any member of the school community.


Our expectations are that we are all Ready, Respectful and Responsible so that all have an opportunity to flourish and succeed. Students are expected to follow The Misbourne Way and uphold the school values at all times. 

Students will be: 

Ready to Learn - for example:  

  • Arriving at school on time (on site and at their line up by 8.38am) 
  • Arriving to lessons on time. 
  • Following our start of lessons processes, including being silent upon arrival to lessons and during settling activities, to ensure a calm and purposeful start to lessons. 
  • Wearing our correct uniform when travelling to and from the Academy and throughout the school day. We remove outdoor clothing before we enter our lessons and assembly. 
  • Keeping electronic devices (such as mobile phones and headphones) switched off and out of sight from the time they enter the school grounds until 3.10pm, unless directed by a teacher as part of our learning.  
  • Electronic devices such as smart watches should be placed in silent mode and must not be used for communication purposes. 
  • Having the correct equipment at all times and for all lessons.  
  • Always being focused on their learning 
  • Listening attentively when a member of staff is talking, including in assembly; never interrupting. 

 Respectful of Everyone – for example: 

  • Showing respect to staff and each other, using positive and courteous language; never swearing.  
  • Following instructions at the first time of asking. 
  • Showing gratitude by saying please and thank you. 
  • Respecting all school equipment.  
  • Respecting our school environment.  
  • Queuing in an orderly manner in the café, putting all litter in bins and placing chairs under the table when finished.  

Responsible in your Behaviour - for example: 

  • Behaving in a manner that does not endanger the health, safety or wellbeing of ourselves or others. 
  • Caring for each other and always raise any concerns to a member of staff. 
  • Walking calmly and safely on their way to and from lessons, following signage, and with the minimum of noise.  
  • Only eating in designated areas. 
  • We always place litter in a bin. 

If students do not follow The Misbourne Way, they will be issued with consequences, such as a Wednesday after-school detention (15:15 - 15:45), a Thursday SLT after-school detention (15:15 - 16:15) and other consequences, such as a Late Detention for punctuality issues. All students are expected to attend these detentions when they are issued, with families making alternative arrangements to collect their child at the correct time.

Mobile phones should not be seen or used between 08:40 - 15:10 (unless directed by a member of staff for learning uses only). If this rule is not followed, the school will confiscate the phone and it may be confiscated for up to a full week (including a weekend).

If you require any further information, please contact the school or your child's school base.